Good Afternoon to you all! Living in the British Virgin Islands has its MAJOR advantages.

The fact that we are one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world, lined with pristine beaches and a luxury resort at every corner, already makes it the perfect Summer Vacation Destination, so why leave?Summer is the time of year, my friends and I get to let loose and relax from all the stress from the previous Spring Semester. We headed over to the Nanny Cay Resort, acres filled with many fun amenities and activities. It has a beach, a large pool, boat docks, hotel rooms, restaurants, long walkways, plenty of water sports to choose from and much more! We spent practically the whole day there unwinding and having fun.We even decided to choreograph a synchronize swimming routine!

But that Failed miserably! So, fortunately some other friends brought their bikes and we went bike riding through-out the resort, which was so much fun especially since I didn’t remember how to ride a bike, haha!

The Brave One!

I really enjoyed that day and can not wait for the rest that is about to come! SUMMER!! 🙂

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