If you’re like me, you are not blessed with a huge walk-in closet with customized cabinetry, closet storage systems and the works. You have a tiny closet, with a rack and some hangers and that is okay! After endless google searches surrounding the topic “Tiny Closet”, I realized that there aren’t many blogs that touch on the aesthetic aspect of tiny closets but rather the organization aspect. I am here to help out my tiny closet friends! The next few steps should help you get closer to a aesthetically pleasing closet despite the size.

aesthetically pleasing

1. Find your Aesthetically Pleasing theme and Create a Color Scheme.

When it comes to sprucing up your closet, you need to have an idea of what you would want it to look like.  For example, I wanted my new closet to have a beachy and rustic feel, to remind me of home every time I open up the doors. This is the perfect time to unleash your style and taste into your decor.

aesthetically pleasing

2. Choose the appropriate decor to match your theme and scheme.

Now that you’ve chosen a theme and scheme, find decor that surrounds your ideal style. To incorporate island vibes into my closet, I opted for woven straw baskets for shoe storage, a rustic styled dresser to store my intimates and a fake tropical plant. Remember to keep your decor items small so that it doesn’t over power the tiny space!

aesthetically pleasing

Straw Baskets added a beachy feel to my closet while also providing storage space for my shoes. Click here to purchase the baskets I used!


aesthetically pleasing

This rustic dresser was the perfect choice for the vibe and size I was going for. Click here to purchase this dresser!

3. Organization is Key!

Another easy way to make your closet aesthetically pleasing is to organize your closet properly. I organize my clothes from dark to light colors and from long to short lengths. This gives your closet seamless transitions, making it easier to find clothing pieces. Both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

If you like any of the pieces I am wearing in this blog, you can shop the look below!


Stay tuned for more lifestyle and fashion blogs as I transition from a island girl to a temporary City-Student woman!

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope this helped my tiny closet friends! If you have taken any of my advice, please share and let me know in the comments below!