After a short hiatus due to the grueling two week long extravaganza called Finals, I am back with another blog. This is part II to my BVI Foodie Guide where we will be focusing on the island of Virgin Gorda. If you’d like to read part I of this guide focusing on Tortola, click here.

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Virgin Gorda is known for its great restaurants, so coming up with this list was extremely easy.

Since Hurricane Irma and Maria, a lot of new restaurants have been popping out of the wood works while current restaurants have been diligently revolutionizing their menus. With that being said, many of our favorite restaurants like Rock Cafe, Saba Rock and BEYC are closed until further notice. Instead of going on a wild goose chase to find the best ones, I did the leg work for you. Here are my top food spot picks for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast and Brunch.

Bath & Turtle Restaurant/ Chez Bamboo

After Hurricane Irma And Maria, Bath & Turtle and Chez Bamboo merged into one location, in the Valley across from the Ferry Dock. If you need a quick breakfast before the start to your long day of excursions, this restaurant is definitely for you. They offer breakfast burritos, to omelets to pancakes and everything in-between. (Price Range – $$)

The Restaurant.


Sugarcane Restaurant – with a view*

Not to be biased or anything, but this is probably my favorite restaurant on Virgin Gorda. First things first, lets talk about their amazing views. The restaurant’s 120° view overlooks Nail Bay and out towards “The Dogs” leaving you speechless while you chow down on their amazing food, (which is great because we shouldn’t talk with our mouths full). Photos below are Courtesy of Sugarcane Restaurant.

Enough about the views, lets get into the food! Their new lunch menus aren’t as expansive or culturally based as the old ones but I can assure you that everything on that menu is a hit! I had the crispy chicken sandwich with truffle fries and had various food orgasms as I ate my meal. The chicken? Crunchy. The Pretzel bun? Soft. The Truffle fries? TRUFFLED.

Overall the staff is very attentive to your needs and wants, solidifying why its my favorite restaurant on Virgin Gorda. I highly recommend making reservations for the best seat in the house, (just mention it and they will know what you’re talking about). (Price Range – $$-$$$)

Village Cafe Restaurant.

Now, if you want some REAL Caribbean food, look no further than this place. I am ALWAYS grabbing a plate from this place because it is too damn good! Located on the outskirts of the Valley is this beautiful food paradise called Village Cafe. This place specializes in Caribbean food! You can get your curry goat, stewed pork, fish in mayonnaise sauce (don’t knock it till you try it), callaloo soup, pelau and many more!

Village Cafe Restaurant.

As said before everything on the menu is great but I personally usually get either the curry goat and rice, or the stewed pork and rice with EXTRA coleslaw. If you happen to order one of my favorite options, make sure to scoop the meat, rice and coleslaw in one go and allow your tastebuds to go wild. Photos below are courtesy of Village Cafe. (Price Range – $$)

Little Dix Bay Resort with a view*

CocoMaya Restaurant – with a view*

The expansive restaurant. Photo Courtesy of CocoMaya/Marta Garraus.

CocoMaya is a must stop when visiting Virgin Gorda. This Asian Fusion inspired restaurant is located in the Valley. Their cuisine is complimented with an insane view looking out to the ocean and the islands beyond. The vibe of the restaurant resembles that of a trendy Miami Beach restaurant with light chill house music playing in the background with loud chatter from surrounding guests.

Beautiful set up and views to set the mood for lunch or dinner. Photo Courtesy of CocoMaya/Marta Garraus.

Before starting your meal you can lounge around on the beach while sipping on one of their many cocktails as the Caribbean breeze brushes your skin.

Lounge Chairs on the beach make you feel at home.
The view! Photo Courtesy of CocoMaya/Marta Garraus.

My top recommendation will have to be the shrimp lettuce wraps and the pork belly tacos. Their food is so flavorful and I love the way they are able to mix Asian Mexican food onto one plate! (Price Range – $$-$$$) Photos below are Courtesy of CocoMaya/Marta Garraus.

Sugar Mill at Little Dix Bay – with a view*

In 2016, Little Dix Bay Resort and Spa closed its doors for renovations and later suffered damage from the Hurricanes of 2017, further delaying their Grand reopening. But as of January 2020, this beautiful slice of Heaven reopened to the public, allowing access to their sought after restaurants. The food is as amazing as I remember. I had the pleasure of tasting their new menu before I left for school and everything I had was AMAZING. The lunch menu is set up in a tapas style, which allows you to sample the menu with your table.

The view from out table.

We started off with the Patatas Bravas for our appetizer. Its a simple potato dish that they turned into a culinary masterpiece. The flavors, the flavors. For our entree which is the “to share” section on the menu, we shared the surf and turf option which consists of a perfectly cooked lobster, a perfectly cooked steak and potatoes to compliment them both. Now let’s talk about this lobster. Of all my years of eating lobster, I’ve never had one that melted in my mouth. I kid you not, the lobster was so juicy and tender that it disappeared with minimal chewing. The steak was also cooked to perfection. Very moist, tender and flavorful. We ended our culinary experience with their nutmeg chocolate cake that was very decadent.

I highly recommend this restaurant for great culinary experience on Virgin Gorda. Make Sure to make reservations! (Price range – $$ – $$$).

Hog Haven – with a view*

The Hog Haven Bar and Restaurant located on a hill overlooking the North Sound is known for its expansive views. This restaurant specializes in local and regional food. So, if you’re interested in experiencing Virgin Islands culture, this stop should be on your list. This restaurant is very laid back, akin to one of the BBQ joints you frequent at home. The plastic chairs and tables lining the restaurant tells you that immediately. Every meal is complimented by a stiff drink and breeze coming from the North Sound.

Views from the restaurant.

Start off your visit with a bushwhacker or painkiller from the bar, mosey on over to the ledge, grab a seat and take in the views as you wait for your food to arrive.

The only ledge you need to be by.

Get into an Anthony Bourdain state of mind and try stewed conch! If you want to play it safe, you can order any of the many BBQ dishes available on the menu! (Price Range – $$) Photos are courtesy of Hog Heaven Bar and Grill.

Oil Nut Bay Beach Club and Restaurant and NOVA – with a view*

Oil Nut Bay is located on the most North-eastern tip of Virgin Gorda which is only accessible by boat (water taxis services provided by the ONB) or helicopter. The open air beach club outfitted with cushioned seating sets a laid back but resort-like vibe.

The beach club and restaurant.

The chefs are very good at converting ordinary “everyday” meals into flavorful masterpieces. For example, one of my go to choices is the Beach Club Burger. Now, that choice may seem like a typical everyday food but the patty is handmade, they use a buttery brioche bun and top the patty off with a tomato confit instead of ketchup. The confit adds a sweet element to the burger that you didn’t know you needed. Reservations are necessary so head on over to their website and get in touch. (Price Range – $$-$$$)

Oil Nut Bay also has a sister restaurant and hang out spot known as NOVA. This spot boasts infiniti pools, sleek, trendy lounging areas and a tapas styled menu with great drink specials. They are known for their Sunday Brunches that are complimented with great food and live Jazz music. Although I’ve only stopped by for a few drinks on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I still highly recommend a visit! (Price Range – $$-$$$).

Spanish Town Cafe.

My last recommendation for lunch is the Spanish Town Cafe! Located in the Valley is this nice little spot serving up food from the Dominican Republic fused with local cuisine. I usually stop by here when I don’t have much time to eat and just need a quick fix. I usually get their delicious fried snapper with mashed green banana (don’t knock it till you try it)! (Price Range – $$) Photos Courtesy of Spanish Town Cafe.

Photo Courtesy of Spanish Town Cafe.


Upstairs Leverick Bay Resort – with a view*

This gem is my go to restaurant for dinner when I’m in Virgin Gorda. The open air restaurant is located by the sea side so expect a light sea breeze and a nice view to match. The chefs are always on point which is why I frequent this spot.

The restaurant.

I usually start off with the lobster risotto which is cooked to perfection every time. I then move on to the tenderloin steak in peppercorn sauce complimented with fluffy mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables. Reservations aren’t needed but it wouldn’t hurt to make one. (Price range – $$-$$$).

Other dinning spots.

ALL of the restaurants I spoke about under the Breakfast and Lunch sections have amazing dining options as well. I just found it redundant to write about them again.

This rounds up my top picks for places to eat on Virgin Gorda. Do not feel the need to live by this list for there are more restaurants on the island that deserve your visit! Lists are in no particular order. Let me know in the comments below if you visited one of the restaurants I recommended.

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