Living in a Tropical paradise has many benefits. One of which is the ability to easily step away from the daily hustle and bustle of a nine to five and glide into the luxury and relaxation that many tourists enjoy when they visit our islands. I’m talking about a staycation. A weekend away from work. No phones, no emails, just the beach, relaxation, excellent food and well-deserved comforts. Taking advantage of excellent offseason rates, we chose to spend our weekend at a charmingly tropical luxury resort located at Beef Island. A beachfront property that I could only describe as a paradise within a paradise. Welcome to affordable luxury. Welcome to Surfsong BVI.


The property is made up of seven villas, each uniquely designed and situated to match their names.

Surfsong BVI

Aerial view of the property and the names of each villa/building.

Friday finally arrived and with much anticipation and excitement, it was time to leave my hectic law firm office and head straight to Surfsong’s tropical paradise. With only a 2 minute drive from the Terrence B Lettsome Airport and a 20 minute drive from Road Town, Tortola, getting there was very convenient and quick. Although we showed up super dreary, tired and ravenous, we were greeted by the ever vivacious Laura. We were quickly whisked away to our villa for the weekend, settled in and headed straight to dinner at “The Courtyard” restaurant.

The restaurant’s policy is “from the Farm to the table” with most or all of the ingredients provided locally, all approved by the executive chef, David Cioppa! Not only was the food impeccable, but the ambience gives off a romantic, intimate vibe with cascading water from the granite boulders which surround the restaurant.

Surfsong BVI

Delicious Seafood chowder.


Summer Vacation

Fresh Caprese Salad.


Summer Vacation

The Branzino.


Summer Vacation

Delicious 72 hour slow cooked Beef Short Ribs.

We then finished off with the most exquisite soursop cheesecake and headed back to the villa for a good nights rest.

Summer Vacation

Delectable Soursop Cheesecake.

The next morning arrived and it was time to explore the property in full mode. Our lovely villa for the weekend was the Driftwood villa.

British Virgin Islands

The entrance to our lovely villa.

The Driftwood villa has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, kitchen and an outdoor living space which all seamlessly flows into one another. The quaint island style of the villa plays into the Caribbean charm, thousands long for.

Summer vacation

All the rooms seamlessly blend into nature.


Summer vacation

The living room.


Summer Vacation

Time to hit the road!

Our front verandah consists of hammocks, lounge chairs and breathtaking views.

Summer vacation

British Virgin Islands

Because our villa was so close to the ocean/beach, we were awaken and put to sleep by the mesmerizing lullaby sung by the rolling waters hitting against the shore, hence the name ‘Surfsong‘.

My absolute favorite part of this resort is the Beach Lounge, a two story teak balinese styled building.

Bali Inspired Home

The Bali Inspired Lounge.


Summer Vacation

The top floor of the Beach Lounge and its beautiful views. Private Massages are also held up here.

Since all of the adventuring made us extremely hungry, we headed over to “The Courtyard” for some breakie. To get to the Courtyard, you have to pass through the charming lobby/reception area.

Lobby/ reception area.

A very convenient and well thought aspect of this resort is the “Honor Bar”. It is a self-serve bar, where you can make or take anything found there. After you’ve made your favorite cocktail/drink/snack, you write down what you used on the piece of paper allocated to your room, and it will be charged to your bill.

Surfsong BVI

The Honor Bar.


British Virgin Islands

The Courtyard’s airy and breezy atmosphere adds to the calm ambience.


Brunch Caribbean

Seeing my food arriving like…..


Brunch Caribbean

I got the Signature French Toast!


Brunch Caribbean

And Josh got the Omelet with sweet potatoes!

After breakfast we decided to do some more exploring of the property, but right after a nap.

Quick impromptu photoshoot while exploring the property!


Surfsong BVI

One of the many reasons why I love Surfsong is due to their willingness to accommodate any and all of your requests. Instead of having lunch in the lovely Courtyard Restaurant, we decided to have a Picnic! A carefully curated basket was made just for us and delivered to our villa. We then looked for the perfect spot to eat and indulged.

Summer Picnic

The Picnic Basket!


Summer Picnic

Fresh Coconuts straight from the tree.

Summer Picnic

After lunch we were hit with a severe case of a food coma and took a quick nap on the Picnic mat. For the sunset, we decided that the best way to view it was to hit the beach and do some paddle boarding! Surfsong offers a wide range of Watersport activities, from snorkeling to hobbie cat sailing!



Paddle Boarding

The salt water totally knocked us out and made us extremely exhausted, so it was time to head back to the villa and call it a night!

The next day we spent the morning exploring more of the property!

After a quick walk around, we came across one of the most beautiful lookout spots on the property! With the tropical, cool breeze blowing in and the blue iridescent waves rolling out, the scenery placed you into a complete moment of zen.

British Virgin Islands


Tropical Paradise

Strolls around the block.


Reward Style

Relaxing becomes first nature, when you stay at Surfsong.



Gorgeous, never-ending views!


Honeymoon point!

Unfortunately, our time to leave arrived. It was time to say goodbye to the nicest staff I’ve ever encountered and one of the most beautiful properties I’ve ever seen!

The most amazing General Manager, Cate Stephenson!



I truly did not want this magical weekend to end but it was now time to head back to the real World. A huge thank you to all of the staff at Surfsong BVI, I enjoyed every second of my stay and I guarantee anyone who stays there will feel the same way! Thank you for reading and let me know what you think in the comments below! Also if you’d like to shop my favorite looks from this blog, please check out the links below!