I have finally returned from my year long hiatus from blogging and I am as refreshed and relaxed as humanly possible. So much has drastically changed for me within the past year, which I am sure applies to you also. Because of the corona virus, I was given the opportunity to return home to the British Virgin Islands whilst continuing my studies virtually. I took this as a “study abroad” opportunity and decided to rediscover my home from the eyes of a tourist. Corona made this an easy task because tourists were basically banned from entering our borders and this resulted in hotels and villas in the British Virgin Islands slashing their accommodation rates in half (some of them). With that being said, I decided to spend a few days on the beautiful island of Anegada. 

Getting There.

I opted for the ferry that usually leaves from Road Town, Tortola at 6:45 am and headed to Anegada after a quick pit stop on Virgin Gorda. As usual, I passed out within 20 minutes of being on the ferry and woke up when the ferry started to slow down and dock. I picked up the rental and headed straight for my hotel, Anegada Beach Club. 

Whip for a few days.

Anegada Beach Club

I have stayed at the Anegada Beach Club once before but never for an extended period of time where I could actually enjoy it. Anegada Beach Club is known for its palapas or glamping tents located right on the waterfront and of course I just had to bask in all it’s glory. I chose the palapa tucked all the way at the end of the stretch, settled in and started relaxing right away.

The Deck of the palapa at sunset.
Getting cozy in bed.

As the sun began to set, I started to get ready for a quick early dinner.


I was going to do a day by day account of my time on Anegada but I decided just to write with the flow. I didn’t do as much activities as I usually would when I visit Anegada. I honestly just drove around, ate delicious food, visited different beaches and enjoyed nature wholeheartedly. So here’s some visual aid on what that looked like.

Riding around.
Came across a pink salt pond!
You know I had to shoot some content there.
Takes sun bathing to a whole new meaning.
We love beach dogs.
Sunrise horse ride.
Enjoying the mosquitoes and sandflies.

Views from the palapa.
One of the many beach bars. Cow Wreck Beach.
Sid’s Pomato Point.

That concludes the visual guide of my staycation on Anegada. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more blogs.